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The author of the pictures presented on this web site is  Frantisek Mechura. He has been painting since his younghood. He started with taking photos and later started with painting. The variety of paintings is determined by the development of his attitudes and the many cultural influences. One of the most visible influences is the influence of naive art. Many of author's paintings are characteristic for the folk theme and the colourfulness. One of the most significant symbols is the tree. The author uses mixed acryl-oil on sololit(on the wooden basis). If you are interested in any of presented paintings, please contact the author by the e-mail.


                                   1995                    Bytča

                                   1996                    Bratislava

                                   1997                    Piešťany

                                   1998                    Považská Bystrica

                                   1999                   Žilina

                                   2001                    Praha

                                    2003                    Kežmarok

                                    2005                    Považská Bystrica